Go green

I must confess. There are such simple things in life.  And you may feel what I say is bizarre.  Must I warn you, it happens.

Bucharest is my first city to visit in Europe and I already see the difference. I just don’t know if comparing cities is healthy for my emotions.

Though I will say that I am glad there are buttons to push so the lights change for me to cross the street. And I am glad that drivers respect me.

So far I have used the train, the bus and the tram. Now all I need is to learn romanian. Yay.


from Romania

One Reply to “Go green”

  1. Îmi pare rău că te voi dezamăgi… 😦
    Lo siento por desilusionarte,pero debo decirte que para saber lo que es respeto en tráfico en cuanto el peaton, tendrías que visitar Alemania, Irlandia u otros paises europeos. Te sorprenderías la verdad. Aquí creo que viste sólo 10% de lo que esto signífca. :/

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