I’m back

I’m finally back to Romania. “Finally”, I must say because after a couple of weeks of visiting other countries, you know, you get the feeling that you need your space again.


I have a mix of languages in my head that from time to time give me a strong headache. No kidding. Languages are beautiful, I love them, I’m good at them, no matter which one it is, but… nothing like speaking my mother tongue.

I visited Cuenca (please, click on my Instagram account and you will have an idea of how the places I visited look like) for a few days and was hosted by a dear friend I met in Peru. His family is from Chile but has been living in Spain for 18 years. I enjoyed family time with three siblings and another friend from Bolivia.

Then, I traveled to Caldes de Montbui, one hour away from Barcelona. I was hosted by another friend. He is from Bolivia and he married to a Spanish woman. This family was awesome too. So sad time was short.

Barcelona was a little cold, I know, it wasn’t the right time. But what came after this was even colder, Switzerland. I was hosted by another friend I met in Peru. He and his family were awesome. I had two amazing dinner moments with his family. They were very interested in Peru, my culture, my language. We spoke English here.

Finally, Paris. Okay, it was not Paris, Paris. It’s not like I stayed next to the Eiffel Tower. Though I walked around it. I stayed at my uncle’s apartment and had a quality time with my father. This was the weirdest point. Meeting my dad in Europe, in Paris. I met my uncle, who I talked to on the phone and I didn’t remember very well as I was too young by then. I had lunch with my aunt and dinner with my cousin. I had really good conversations with my cousin and we could tell how much we appreciate our families.

I’m back to Romania. I wish I could say I am going to visit my family. But I am not. I am building a life here and it is going to take a while to adapt. Thanks God I have met kind people that have opened their arms to warmly welcome me. Here I go, back to the ordinary adventure of daily living.

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