Wedding at the sun & moon

“You won’t be at Ammi’s wedding”, said Mom. “I know, let’s not talk about it?”, I replied. As I was close to my departure to Romania, I hugged my sister and we both cried. I wanted to say I was sorry but I did not want to cry harder.

It’s about those moments, when you know your presence is just as important as life. How can we understand not being there? It feels bad, just bad.

On the bright side, though, I wanted to share how proud I am of her and how happy I am to see her pre wedding pictures. That if I cannot be there, at least I will be able to witness the moment through the pictures.


They met at her work place. He is an event organizer and she is a pre school teacher and a language therapist. Their sense of humor might seem silly but surely there’s no laugh they want to miss at the dinner table. They both enjoy going to the movies and they could watch a movie over 3 times just because they enjoy being together and… eating pop corn.

I welcome Alonso to my family and hope that God may guide him to be a committed husband and a father -if that is in their plans. And to my sister, I wish her all the best in this new life (I have not forgotten you, my dear. I love you).

They are getting married next week at the Sun & Moon . I will not be there but my heart will.

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