Happy 2016

I think it is time. It has been already three months since I arrived in Romania. Lots of new things, lots of new people, lots of good and not so good experiences. But today… today I just want to say thanks.


I crossed fingers hoping that I could get to see these three and the dog, for Christmas. These are the most familiar faces I can have in Romania.

Adi 1 (also, Cosmin) and Ioana, two young (like me) beautiful kids (adults, I mean). They welcomed me to their place in Bucharest and treated me like their family. We spent a few days together full of smiles and conversations. That way I was getting ready for what was to come, Oradea. If anything happened, I knew I could come back to them.

Oradea has its own particular story, I am not telling it today, sorry. But in that journey, I met Adi. Wait, Adi 2 (also, Iuliu). This is a young sportsman. Full of energy and dreams. With a bright and awesome future to reach. He likes to joke and bring people together. He made sure I would have a family time for special events, like Christmas. He is a brother to me.

So, do you have any special people that have made you feel better even when circumstances are uncertain? Maybe you can stop today for a minute and thank them for being by your side when you most needed. 2015 is about to be over. New hopes are coming. I wish you all a wiser year.

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