Flowers tea house

Spicy soup, spicy rice, tea (Flowers tea house, thumbs up!), a walk through central park and some hundreds of stairs to get a full night view of the city with Matika was an awesome welcome to Cluj-Napoca.

I have not made my mind about where I should go to do my master’s degree. I am having some trouble. But while figuring out I am getting to know this beautiful country and admiring its must-visit places.


Matika and I met in the office of the Ministry of Education. She is from Thailand. It was our first days in Bucharest and we were excited. And four months after that, while walking in the rain, we wonder why the “Happy” song by Pharrell does not seem to fit us anymore.

We were bragging about our warm and joyful cultures and now we seem to struggle to keep ourselves smiling with an optimistic perspective of the future.

The Before studying  seemed so exciting and the Now seems so colorless and unhappy. What is going on? Who have we become? Is Romania sucking all our enthusiasm? Do we need to turn into crappy attitude people? Rude and hopeless?

After sharing some of our life stories we promised each other we will keep fighting. That even though the future is uncertain, we can work on our lives doing our best to keep ours heads up and keep our hopes. Adaptation is not easy. It makes you hate everything and everyone sometimes. And then we open our hearts again.

May God help us open our hearts to embrace the lessons of life and become better people. Meanwhile, let’s get some tea at a nice place with nice music. Let’s make a pause!

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