1458340185653“It’s gonna be fun.” This is what I thought about learning Romanian before coming. I didn’t care at all about learning a few words. I was told a lot of people spoke English so it would be easier. Well, easy it is, if I come for tourism. That’s not my case.

I was completely sure it would be fun. Somehow it is. But the process has been hard. I speak three to four languages and three of them are supposed to be close to Romanian.

Before coming to Romania I took several classes to learn how to teach Spanish as a second language. This experience… is just from another world. Next time, I will learn some words before coming to the country (believe me, despite this, I still want to learn other languages).

I can notice the mistakes I do, I know how I should learn. But sometimes motivation is the key to boost or delay the process. Ok, this is where I am. I have to speed it up. And I just wanted to share a bit of how fun it is to have classmates from other countries and laugh at ourselves on how we learn the most convenient words, like: I don’t know, where is the bathroom? Excuse me? (Poftim?), I don’t understand, no, yes, I have to go, HELP, see you later, bye. 🙂

Model: Jiries Hanna (forgive me for using your photo… or not haha).



One Reply to “Poftim?”

  1. “Living a life of faith means never knowing where you are being led. But it does mean loving and knowing the One who is leading.”
    I read that in My Utmost for His Highest today. I love you and not a day goes by that I don’t wish we were really close to hug you and give you a palmazo en el potasio 😉

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