Mami Doshi


I don’t know the reason for God made things such as women having the capacity to give birth. But I know it has a huge impact on the life of their children.

Today has been 7 months and a half since I left my country. I left it for a dream. And as I was about to come to Romania, I left a note to Mom under my pillow.

I said I was sorry to choose to be away but I was so happy that I wouldn’t be able to look back in he future without giving thanks to God that she had supported me in every way.

How hard can it be a for a parent to raise their children with so much love and then love also means letting go.

Romania celebrates women’s day on 8th March. But today Peru celebrates it.  And not that we need a special day to realize how important mothers are. It should be an everyday thing of taking care of them in all the ways they did for us when we were little and weren’t able to do it ourselves and even when we could do it on our own, they never gave up on helping us.

My mother is my example. I am so proud of her and so thankful. Her words of advice and of comfort come to my mind in every moment I need them. She believed I was capable of achieving the things I have and she has a heart that loves God deeply. I call her Mami Doshi.

from Romania

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