Three things

A recent call with mom got me thinking quite a lot about what I had finally learnt during my first year in Romania.

Sometimes I think I am one step ahead when I plan things. But the very unexpected things are the ones I had to use to go further.

I took a big step that somehow isolated me from everything I had started to feel comfortable with (good and not so good) and in the end I was forced to take full responsibility. I learnt to teach myself a few things.

First, to get rid of the pain of the past. I do not have to keep reminding myself of the unfortunate circumstances but instead embrace the reality and empower myself to go forward.

Second, to learn fast from others. Eyes wide open. Ears wide open. But the attitude is key to success. I have learnt the delight of listening to the advice of the ones that love me, family and friends.

Third, God is not a beginner, He was and is always a pro. My knowledge is limited and my faith stumbles one too many times but He is steady.

My life was never perfect and I never got everything I wanted when I wanted. But today I smile because I know God always held me tight.

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