I only care about money.

Dear Human Resources,

My answer is no. I am thankful for your honesty during the interview and for being friendly enough to make me feel part of a family I do not really want to be part of and here it’s why.

When I mentioned to a contact of your company that I had sent my CV through the website, their answer was: they are busy, private message the recruiter on Facebook for a faster answer. So, I contacted you and this is the summary of the process: test, call, interview 1, interview 2 and finally the offer.

The test. I really did my best. I proofread the text more than 10 times. I navigated through the website to make sure I understood well not only the issues but your company. Customer support service experience? I have it, a year. Relationship building? 5 years.

The call. It wasn’t made when we settled it would be. And when it happened, it lasted 7 minutes. The results you gave me: 3 in written and 2 in spoken out of a scale from 1 to 4. According to our conversation: your company takes the lowest score. My international certification of the language lasted 4 hours. Average level: C1. I have it in PDF and could happily send via email.

Interview 1. So far, among all my job interviews, you have been the most honest, open and enthusiastic recruiter I have ever met. I got lots of information that were very easy to understand: schedule, people, tasks, opportunities, visa. Enough to make my decision.

Interview 2. First, it seems the feedback wasn’t well communicated. Here, I got the impression you thought I would take the offer that wasn’t yet formally presented to me. Second, the conclusion from the interviewer, let me quote it: “you only care about money”. My answer to them: “I care about money. Several years ago I left my home and became independent. I have been living in Romania *smile and say: another continent* for two years and I have to think of my income. Does the money have to do with my decision? Sure. Is it the only thing? No. There are a series of things I will consider and these interviews are part of it.”

The offer. The University of Lille 3 accepted me for a master in communications for public organisations, the interview lasted 1 hour and a half, *clears throat* in French and by French interviewers. Today I wasn’t asked and neither had the chance to talk about my experience. Is it that I wasn’t required to have any? The salary offer was not good, you were right about it. And for as much as I tried to find a reason to take it, I just couldn’t.

There are a few things I can remember you said about/to me: you are pretty, you are a great candidate, your language level must be better than the score you were given, we don’t pay good, it’s a nice environment, and nice to meet you.

In conclusion, my answer is no.

One Reply to “I only care about money.”

  1. This is the Romanian company. They pay as less as they can and work yourself as much as possible. They need slaves, not workers. I really understand your situation and advice you to concentrate your talent on other more civilized country. I wish you the best and give my moral support.

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