It’s good to see you again

It shocked me in many ways, but I am sure not as much as it did to her. This evening, my sister Laura and I closed our videocall saying to each other: “it is good to see you again”.

I do not think I have ever felt this way before. After talking to Laura, I called/texted my other siblings just to know they are okay. Moving out to Eastern Europe has had its ups and downs. Communicating with Peru (where most of my family lives) and the USA (where Laura lives) is that one thing I hate because of how long it takes. It does so not only because of our different schedules, but because of our different time zones.

When I woke up today, I saw the pictures of Laura’s car sent by my brother-in-law to our family’s Facebook group chat. I could not be part of the conversation because I was sleeping (and -if you do- remember, I have my phone on silent mode permanently).

At 100km/h on a summer rain on the northern hemisphere, as she tried to find her place on the road close to a 4×4 that was splashing water all over, her car hydroplaned and she lost control of the steer until it hit a three-trunk tree. She made it out of the car to search for help and call her husband. Someone she knew saw her and stopped to help. At the hospital they verified she is all right. As in a real all right.


Her car is destroyed. She is alive.

I could not see her face in person, touch her bruises, kiss her face, or hug her very strong and feel her presence. This made me sad. I spent all day thinking so much about life being so conscious about the presence of those I care for around me, as if it was the last moment we would see each other.

-Laura: it is good to see you again.

-Me: it is good to see you again.

We closed the call sending a kiss to each other.

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