Planting trees

What a headache! Though the sun had been barely shining on me, I believe it had been me trying to bury my thoughts of frustration while I had been digging around 50 half-meter holes in the ground.

Somewhere around 100km away from Bucharest, approximately 500 volunteers from different private companies were gathered to plant trees as part of an invitation by the organization “Forest of the children”. I had been invited by a friend.

When I was a kid, I used to sit at one extreme of the kitchen table. If Mom would not deliberately interrupt me to offer to pay 10 cents per thought I would dare to share with her, I would not notice I had been sitting still thinking for God-knows how long. I never accepted Mom’s tricky deal.

That was me then. And it had been me again during the whole activity that day. Without noticing, as soon as I had put my hands around that shovel I disappeared from the world for a few hours.

Towards the end of my very last effort, my head started beating and it felt like exploding. That’s what made me stop, so I had to set myself apart from the group in order to get time alone and rest.

At the end of that day, I felt amazing. I had been part of planting 10,000 trees. Even though my fatigue was still there, I knew I had committed in a practical way to an important cause. Maybe I will be here to see how those plants will have grown into beautiful mature trees. Maybe I won’t. But the very first part has been completed.

This is how I see my life now. My parents had to be devoted to prepare the land of my heart and dig holes to plant in it things they thought would be beautiful trees. As an adult now, I realize it is me who has to take care of those planted things so that they can continue to grow into beautiful mature trees. But oh man, isn’t it hard!

Mom, I’m trying my best.

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