Romanian resident

The waiting has ended today. After a continuous struggle to decide where my next step would be, I decided to give Romania one more try and I have been accepted as a resident for the next five years. Today I am officially a member of the European Union. Here below I am going to answer three questions.

First: ‘Why Romania?’

They are often surprised by why among so many choices in the European Union I chose Romania as my place to live since the state Romania could very ugly, its people ignorant and their government corrupted.

I believe the day we are born, we are given the gift and challenge of life that at one moment we can shape on our own. I searched for one opportunity and Romania opened its doors. It didn’t make it easier and it was very confusing. But it was one step closer to a change I needed. I am sure I wouldn’t have valued life the same way I do now without its struggles.

Second: ‘What are you going to do now?’

I love making plans and I am very organized. I thought I had it all planned and that I would clearly know what to do right after graduating from my MA. But life? Life is something impossible to plan. I am happy. Not because I was accepted but because I tried everything I could. The world is a very unfair place to live. I’ve already put my hands in the job market. Let’s see what faith has for me.

Third: ‘How do you feel?’

Honestly, I feel like when I ran my first half marathon. My legs shaking, my stomach wanting to throw up, my eyes tearing, and extremely tired. Definitely, I have respect and compassion for every immigrant who has decided to leave their home. And especially for those who had/have to leave because their lives were/are at risk. Requesting/receiving legal status in another country could be a lifetime struggle and it can shake your life emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and even physically.

Be kind to others.


Published by Esteban Quevedo

I am a full-time observer. I enjoy reading while having a cup of coffee. I am an amateur runner. I love listening to silence and most of all: getting lost in time.

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