Toxic work place

If there is something rotted at home, you don’t keep it as a trophy, you get rid of it as soon as you find out. For the wrong reasons, this doesn’t always happen at work places. When you witness it, you can either stay and fight for a change, or you leave. I left. Not once but twice.

I’m going to call it Company #2 (C2). I’m not a beginner and I wasn’t one back then. I had 5 years of experience before working in Romania. C2 opened its doors for some of my skills. And as my other skills could have been of great use, I depended on the wrong hands. My attempts to apply for a promotion twice in a row were evaded by leaders with limited experience and work ethics, and justified by the following verbal and written statement: “it is a complicated case because as an immigrant, your papers will take longer and we need someone right now, but you can continue to apply.”

My answer? I quit.

I was distraught. “Why bother complaining, huh?” Afterwards, there’s a long line of people trying to take your seat. This is what society is constantly telling us. That whenever a problem is pointed out (and out loud), when our dignity is being ignored and violated, we are taking it too personal. “Who knows what could happen in your next job”, we are told.

One year later, in need of an opportunity, C2 opened its doors again. New management. Those leaders weren’t there anymore. “Phew, it must be different this time”, or so I thought.

I made a formal complaint because people were stepping on my dignity. After reporting it to three managers, I was kindly asked to consider finding out the reason behind people’s unprofessional behavior. “Sure. No! I don’t want to find out why people are allowed to be disrespectful and unprofessional.”, I replied.

When some rumors about the issue were heard, I was accused of gossiping. And when I pointed that accusation and the rumors as the result of their lack of seriousness, it was immediately explained as: “a measure to your so requested visibility, you know, so that it doesn’t happen to others.

Sadly (not for me), I wanted to leave as soon as possible. And so, that was my resignation request. What followed was the general manager asking for my signature. No further discussions accompanied the moment: “Sign here”, “ok”, “thanks”.

At the end of my shift, two weeks away from the expiration of my residence permit, I was gone, again. I walked out the doors of C2 this toxic place for the second time. Worried about my future, but relieved.

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