Job search

One of the biggest challenges I faced during my job search was to stay positive and show my best attitude during interviews. I didn’t want my interviewers to have the impression that I would be just a good choice to consider. What I really wanted them to know was that I would certainly be the best choice.

First of all, I updated my CV on the three top websites job search online networks in the country. I carefully redacted every line of my profiles because I believe this is where my following employer would start knowing about me.

As my very second step, I scheduled daily searches. I needed to be the first applicant clicking the apply button.

Third, I needed references about: organizational culture, benefits, responsibilities, payment, and opportunities to grow.

Fourth, I made it known among my contacts I was on the market, eligible and available to be interviewed, and most importantly the type of functions I was interested in performing.

Fifth, and in relation to the two previous steps, after every “we will call you later” or “we will let you know of the feedback” (let’s be honest, we all know it means), I told my contacts the details of the selection process (emails, phone calls, interviews), in order to have a second opinion on what was good and what I needed to be better at next time. My goal was to leave that meeting room having given them the certainty that they need me there.

Finally, I found a job. That is what I wanted to say. As my phone continues to ring because of recruiters’ calls (no bragging intended), I answer and thank them for considering me, also letting them know I have already found a place that seems to be on its way toward a good long-term relationship.

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