Bus 336

“Ok, Google, turn alarm off.”, I yell. Tap on my phone’s screen to double-check the time, it’s 06:20. I don’t trust myself on this, so I get up. I get changed with the clothes I prepared last night. Pause: toilet. Put on my mask, get my coat, get my keys. Breathe. I’m confused. Get my backpack. Take the elevator and rush to the bus stop. Text. Look around. There it is. I get on.

Sports. Did I mention before that I joined the gymnastics club when I was 7-8 years old because I thought I would be part of a circus? Never joined it. Instead, I pretended that my tummy hurt so that mom would tell my coach I could not go to practice. It didn’t work. But what worked was that every time I participated, I won.

Fast-forward to 20 years later, I go to the gym five to six days a week. It is not genetics. I track my weight every day. I track my calories intake every day. Even when I have pizza, fries or cake. Or Gin.

I tell myself when I’m still in bed and hear my alarm: you are not lazy, you can make it.

I tell myself when I’m getting dressed: I’m glad I prepared my clothes last night, anticipation is key.

I tell myself when I’m getting off the building and it’s cold outside: I never choose the easy and the comfortable, I love challenges.

It was a bit uncomfortable today when I worked out because noticing that my body does not have the same strength makes me second guess. I lose focus and I feel weak. So, I quickly close my eyes, picture myself when I was competing. I breathe in, breathe out and remind myself: “you’ve got this.”

My trainings every morning have helped me understand two things. First, the importance of believing that I can do it and do it. Second, how encouraging and transformational it is when others believe in you.

So, after seeing my awful early morning face in the reflection of the elevator’s mirror, I get off of it and run out through the building’s front door. I walk fastfastfast. Almost counting my steps to the bus stop. I put on my in-ear headphones and select my YouTube’s music playlist with the same name of the morning bus. And as soon as I get in I send a text to my training buddy.

“Buddy, I took the bus 336”.


Published by Esteban Quevedo

I am a full-time observer. I enjoy reading while having a cup of coffee. I am an amateur runner. I love listening to silence and most of all: getting lost in time.

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