Click send – Part 2

“One thing I am proud of, one thing I need to improve. I’m proud of this one full year of learnings and empowerment. Improve? Gosh, there’s so much we will find out that I need to work on”. This is the must have question in the meetings with my boss. It helps me look at the positive things I have done and look at the things to improve with an optimistic perspective.

I told you the three things I considered important that somehow led me to where I was, right? Well, here I want to share three of the most important things I have learnt in my workplace in 2021.

Team work. I am very competitive. I love that. I constantly search for ways to be better and grow faster than anyone. But that does not lead me anywhere if I don’t really go together with the team I work with. I need to be mindful of the ones next to me. I need to adapt and share.

Ask for help. It is okay to acknowledge that I do not know everything. It is okay for me to say that I cannot handle everything. It is okay for me to refuse to do something because I do not have the time. It is okay for me to say I need an extra hand because I am facing a challenging situation.

No need for oversharing, but opening up is important. Although I always thought work is work and colleagues are not necessarily friends, I still stand by it. But this team? I have been able to share my personal life with them and feel heard and encouraged, both personally and professionally.

So, looking back… I am very grateful. Happy one year anniversary to me!


Published by Esteban Quevedo

I am a full-time observer. I enjoy reading while having a cup of coffee. I am an amateur runner. I love listening to silence and most of all: getting lost in time.

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