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Bus 336

“Ok, Google, turn alarm off.”, I yell. Tap on my phone’s screen to double-check the time, it’s 06:20. I don’t trust myself on this, so I get up. I get changed with the clothes I prepared last night. Pause: toilet. Put on my mask, get my coat, get my keys. Breathe. I’m confused. Get myContinue reading “Bus 336”

Romania: 6 years

It is weird that it is not weird anymore. I walk around Bucharest streets and I can smell autumn. Its wet leaves. I stare at their inspiring colors show and contemplate my next steps while remembering my arrival. Dang, it has been six years!

Click send

Here’s the thing: I am tired, I take my phone, I scroll down through my jobs tab on my LinkedIn profile and I find this opportunity that shows I have a connection. I reach out to them and boom! One month and a half later I am hired. Easy? No.

To belong

I’m getting close and I can smell it. It’s going to be five years since I came to Romania for the first time.

Back garden

What is our childhood if not that storage room where we can find all the things we already forgot we had ever stored. Then we grow up to see ourselves in a journey of memories and reconnections.


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About me

Moved out to Romania to study. Only to later discover I would stay to let my black curly hair and my beard grow. To wear high waist pants and colorful socks. To fall in love with the fact that I have no idea of what I am doing.

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