Romanian resident

The waiting has ended today. After a continuous struggle to decide where my next step would be, I decided to give Romania one more try and I have been accepted as a resident for the next five years. Today I am officially a member of the European Union. Here below I am going to answer three questions.

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Planting trees

What a headache! Though the sun had been barely shining on me, I believe it had been me trying to bury my thoughts of frustration while I had been digging around 50 half-meter holes in the ground.

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Don’t you care?

Coffee shops are one of my most favorite places where I spend my day doing important things like searching for jobs. I believe it is because I appreciate that time in silence where my thoughts can begin to take place. That is what I did today and after that, when I left the place to go home, suddenly, uncertainty and sadness clouded my heart. My eyes immediately watered. I began to tell myself outloud a story that came to my mind. Continue reading “Don’t you care?”