No recuerdo mi edad, sé que era muy pequeño, y la primera de ellas me cargaba cuando iba a comprar a la vuelta de la esquina. La segunda de ellas siempre me alentaba. La tercera de ellas, siempre fue mi protectora. Las más ancianas, sabiduría y trabajo arduo. Mi madre, mi ejemplo de fuerza y mi consejera número uno. No imagino #‎NiUnaMenos en mi lista. Continue reading “#‎NiUnaMenos”

We are free!

This image above is the Declaration of Independence of Peru signed on July 15th  and proclaimed on July 28th, 195 years ago (1821). I can’t remember if I ever saw it in person. However, to see the picture today and when I think of what I celebrate, I feel moved to share the result of the suffering of so many that wanted this for us. Continue reading “We are free!”

50-cent Ice Cream

This particular way dad walks. That smile on his face when he gets out of the store (like he’s got something we do not expect). His wife and his children (I’m the fourth) are waiting in the car. “What did you get? Donito?”, we’d say whenever the surprise was finally revealed: the 50-cent ice cream from the store around the corner.

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