Immigrant – Part 2: Lost

I don’t know if when I was a child I ever got lost. As a youngster and then as an adult (phew, so close to saying: elder), fortunately, I never went through any situation where I didn’t know where I was or where I had to go and panicked. At least, not that kind of physical/geographical disorientation.

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Immigrant – Part 1

In trying to remember my first idea about immigration, I realize how much I didn’t know about it. Somehow I had associated the term to illegal latinos somewhere in the USA. I had confused immigrant with migrant. And even if now I am one -of those, I still am pretty confused. Continue reading “Immigrant – Part 1”

Don’t you care?

Coffee shops are one of my most favorite places where I spend my day doing important things like searching for jobs. I believe it is because I appreciate that time in silence where my thoughts can begin to take place. That is what I did today and after that, when I left the place to go home, suddenly, uncertainty and sadness clouded my heart. My eyes immediately watered. I began to tell myself outloud a story that came to my mind. Continue reading “Don’t you care?”