A round-off at the Romanian Black Sea shore.

What do I write about?

I write about my challenges in life. About the things I have overcome and the things I struggle with. Sometimes I’m funny, some other times I am sarcastic. But when I am quiet, thoughtful and observant -that is when I write.

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My driver’s license

Like everything else, this became one of my little journeys. Or a milestone -call it whatever you want. It did feel like a huge rock on my way for three reasons: language, teaching method, and confidence. Seeing my siblings drive was contagious. It pushed me to take the challenge. So, I enrolled. I thought that…

A hunter and a shepherd

Her eyes are captivating. She is impatient. She craves attention -my attention- every time she can. She sighs when I tell her to go to bed and rest. She is one year old. And she is my very first attempt to train a dog almost successfully. Her name is Bubi (from Budapest). A Hungarian vizsla.…

Year 34: recap.

I have to start with this: it is not my birthday. It is a period of reflection and I want to look back and remind myself what has been going on. It is my recap 34 -before we get to New Year’s new set of resolutions. Started 2022 in Peru. Came back to Bucharest and…

Time for a check in

“A standard flat-white with almond milk and a dark-chocolate cookie” -I said. It is one of my most common orders when I visit a coffee shop. I am trying to think at why was this the first thing I thought of sharing when I sat to write about my day -dear, reader. I believe I…


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