A round off at the Romanian Black Sea shore

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Here you will find I write stories about daily life. Sometimes in particular stories about the challenges of being an immigrant. Some other times about my passions like music, running, coffee and personal styling.

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Click send – Part 2

“One thing I am proud of, one thing I need to improve. I’m proud of this one full year of learnings and empowerment. Improve? Gosh, there’s so much we will find out that I need to work on”. This is the must have question in the meetings with my boss. It helps me look atContinue reading “Click send – Part 2”

Bus 336

“Ok, Google, turn alarm off.”, I yell. Tap on my phone’s screen to double-check the time, it’s 06:20. I don’t trust myself on this, so I get up. I get changed with the clothes I prepared last night. Pause: toilet. Put on my mask, get my coat, get my keys. Breathe. I’m confused. Get myContinue reading “Bus 336”

Romania: 6 years

It is weird that it is not weird anymore. I walk around Bucharest streets and I can smell autumn. Its wet leaves. I stare at their inspiring colors show and contemplate my next steps while remembering my arrival. Dang, it has been six years!


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